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Jim Corbett National Park

How to Reach Corbett National Park

For the travelers going by air Delhi is the closest International and domestic base, Ramnagar is the closest railway terminal and there are regular private and government buses plying from Maharana Pratap bus stand and Anand Vihar ISBT. Ramnagar is also well connected to Lucknow, Haridwar,Dehradun, Ranikhet, etc.

For the people with the private vehicles can take one of the easiest route to Corbett National park through Delhi to Hapur and then reach Garhmukeshwar to Moradabad and then Thakurdwara to Ramnagar. It is perhaps the easiest way to reach the park premises and that too in the minimum possible time.

It is important to follow the instructions of the guides while you are in the Corbett Park. The travelers should carry a first aid box in case of minor accidents. The entry fee for the foreign nationals is different in comparison to the Indian nationals. Also, there is no ATM inside the park so all the arrangements should be made before going inside the park.

A visit to the Corbett national park is not only about the Bengal tigers, but there are many attractions around the reserve which should be added to the itineary to make the trip pleasurable and memorable.

Jim Corbett national park is well connected by road and train services from the major cities. One can reach here by train from New-Delhi and at the same time there is regular bus services from Jaipur, Agra, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar apart from - Delhi, Lucknow and other major cities.

Road Travel to Jim Corbett national park:

How to reach Jim corbett national park from Delhi by Road - Hapur by pass - Gajraula - Moradabad by-pass - From this point, where Moradabad by-pass terminates, take "U" turn to left towards Moradabad city, travel 2 km, then take right turn - Kashipur - Jim Corbett (Ramnagar) ( 270 KM )

How to reach corbett national park from Chandigarh / Ambala - 70 - Ponta Sahib - 49 - Dehradun - 46 - Rishikesh - 25 - Haridwar - 56 - Najibabad - 71 - Kashipur - 30 - Jim Corbett ( 347 KM )

How to reach Jim corbett national park from Lucknow- Bareilly - Moradabad - Kashipur - Ramnagar - JimCorbett ( 400 KM )

How to reach Jim corbett national park from Nainital - Kaladunghi - Ramnagar - Jim Corbett ( 70 KM )

How to reach Jim corbett national park from Ranikhet - Bhatronjkhan - Machod - Jim Corbett ( 100 KM )

Train to Travel Corbett National Park:

The last and nearest railway station for Jim Corbett National park is located 12 kms from Ramnagar, the last railhead for this part of the Kumaon Himalayan foothills. The most convenient rail connection ( to jim corbett national park is:
Delhi - Ramnagar: 5013 Ranikhet Express DEP Old Delhi Railway Station 2245 hrs; ARR Ramnagar Railway Station 0500 hrs. Ramnagar - Delhi: 5014 Ranikhet Express DEP Ramnagar Railway Station 2115 hrs; ARR Old Delhi Railway Station 0500 hrs. The II AC compartment of this train is very comfortable.

Corbett National Park from Agra, your options are, How to reach Jim corbett national park from Agra : Mathura - Lal Kuan: 5311 Kumaon Express DEP Mathura Junction Railway Station 2315 hrs; ARR Lal Kuan Railway Station 0845 hrs. Lal Kuan - Mathura: 5312 Kumaon Express DEP Lal Kuan Railway Station 1900 hrs; ARR DEP Mathura Junction Railway Station 0425 hrs. Mathura is 58 kms from Agra. Lal Kuan is 75 kms from Camp. Both trains mentioned above operate on all days of the week. Station transfers from Ramnagar Railway Station or Lal Kuan Railway Station to Jim Corbett Park and vice versa can be arranged on request. What to wear in Jim Corbett National Park -Clothing: The clothes you should carry with you to Jim Corbett Park are totally opposite depending on the season in which you are visiting it. The summers are blisteringly hot and don't expect any let up while you are there. You should expect unrelenting heat day after day if you are there between the months of April and June. With temperatures soaring between 30 and 39 degrees centigrade most of the day, even the lightest of T-shirts feel like warm jackets. Take along your lightest clothes in the summers with the definite inclusion of a cap and dark glasses. In the winter months, specially November to beginning February, the weather is just the opposite.

Morning drives into the park are freezing cold and how many ever layers you wear sometimes feel insufficient. The days however are extremely pleasant and a light sweatshirt can more than suffice. Evenings and night once again get very chilly. Carrying along a pair of gloves and a muffler is advisable. For those who intend to take photographs in the wee hours of the morning without pressing all the wrong buttons on their cameras, take along a pair of gloves that are thin yet warm and provide for sufficient movement of the hands.

  • Wear clothes in shades of brown and green, as they are less disturbing to the environment
  • Avoid wearing perfumes and do not smoke in restricted areas.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are appropriate than the fashionable ones
  • For winter travel heavy woollens are a must especially for open jeep safaris. Cottons are apt for summer months

Tips for Travellers

Follow the rules, for e.g.,
  • Do not walk around if you are not permitted to do so
  • Wear clothes in shades of brown and green as they are less disturbing to the environment
  • Avoid wearing perfumes and do not smoke in restricted areas.
  • Animals are extremely weary of the human voice. Don't make noise, don't play music and please don't honk car horn.
  • Carry Personal medication and insect repellent.
  • Carry Binoculars, Cameras, film rolls and Flash-light along with books and other reading material.
  • Don't leave behind any litter and plastic bags are big hazards for animals.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are appropriate than the fashionable ones.
  • For winter travel heavy woollens are a must especially for open jeep safaris. Cottons are apt for summer months, rain Gear is essential for the monsoons.
  • Find about the habits of the animal you want to see to avoid disappointment.

By Air

Jim Corbett National Park doesn't have an airport. If one wants to go by air, Phoolbagh in Pantnagar is the nearest airport. It is located 78 km away from Jim Corbett. Pantnagar airport is well connected with major cities in India, so one can easily reach there. Delhi which is 300 km away is the nearest international airport for the people travelling from abroad. Flights from Lucknow and New Delhi travel to Pantnagar twice a week, so one can arrange accordingly. One can easily find taxi from Pantnagar to Jim Corbett.

By Rail

Ramnagar railhead is the nearest railway station to Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary. This railway station is connected to major cities of India, the nearest being New Delhi railway station. Ranikhet Express is one of the trains that operate from New Delhi railway station to Kathgodam railway station. This train runs daily between the two places. Bus or taxi are easily available that will take you to Jim Corbett. Also, trains are available from Moradabad railway station.

Delhi To Jim Corbett By Rail:

Ranikhet Express - The train leaves Delhi at 2200 hrs and reaches Kathgodam in the morning. As the train reaches the station quite early it is advisable you ask the hotel for pick up facility. Alternatively, Ranikhet Express starts from Delhi to Kathgodam, comes back to Moradabad and via Kashipur reaches Ramnagar next day morning, i.e 2 days required. To save time getting down at Kathgodam is feasible and from there take a cab to National Park.
Corbett Link Express - Leaves Old Delhi at 2245 hrs and reaches Ramnagar at 0530 hrs
Kathgodam Express - leaves Old Delhi at 2245 hrs and reaches Kathgodam at 0715 hrs

By Road

Jim Corbett is well connected to major cities of India. This national park is around 25 kms from Ramnagar, from Lucknow, the National Park is 433 kms via Bareilly and from New Delhi its 300 kms away.

Delhi To Jim Corbett National Park By Road:

Route: Delhi - Hapur - Gajraula - Moradabad - Kashipur - Ramnagar - Corbett


From Distance(km.)
New Delhi 260
Nainital 65
Ranikhet 93
Agra 340
Dehradun 250
Haridwar 180
Rishikesh 210

How To Plan Corbett Tour :

Jim Corbett national park is one of largest national park in india, its famous for flora and fauna. Corbett national park is mesmerizing with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

It is always advised to know and do proper homework about the place before one decides to visit, to make the trip comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing.

About Corbett National Park

Situated about 1300 feet above the sea level, it has cold winters and bright and sunny days. The rainy season is from July to September is the time one should avoid visiting the place. November to June is the best time to visit these places. The wide range of flora and fauna and the abode of the endangered Bengal tiger have resulted in an increases influx of tourists.

Best Options to Travel within the Park

Jeep safari is the most convenient option for travel within the park. The jeep safari can complete the tour in one day. They are easily available from the various resorts located in Ramnagar. The park opens at 07:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00. Again the tourists can go inside the park at 2:00 in the afternoon and it shuts at 6:00 in the evening. The morning is the best time when one can spot the big cats moving around in their natural habitat. The elephant safari is an exhilarating experience; where you can travel through the unfamiliar terrain never visited before and explore the grasslands teeming with wildlife sitting on the backdrop of the enormous animal.

The safaris can be booked in advance, but keeping in mind the delicate balance between wildlife, nature and humans, there is a limitation on the amount of jeeps allowed inside the park at one time. Also the passes for the jeep safaris are available for half day. Incase for a full a day pass, extra expenses will be incurred. The tourists can also enjoy evening safaris in the middle of the jungle and the bookings for the same have to be made 48 hours before the safari. This is on the first come, first served basis. Both the jeep and elephant safari, however, are on a first come first serve basis.

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