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Jim Corbett National Park

After enjoying wildlife adventure with safaris, you have other options to enjoy the extreme adventure like rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, bridge slithering etc. We have an expert team at Corbett National Park to provide those activitie

River Crossing


River crossing is a very exciting and soul stirring activity. Reaching across the river and getting the whole team safely makes it a wonderful team experience. While undertaking river crossing a fixed rope and harness is used. A rope is tied from one bank of the river to the other side. People cross standing on one of the parallel ropes and holding on the other rope. The people are secured with methodical harness along with the slider or the rope. Proper care and guidance is advised to be followed while practicing it.
River Rafting in Corbett National Park trips take you through some of the most stunning terrains of the Himalayas ranging from sandy white beaches, boulder-studded rapids, confluences of rivers, deep gorges and some of the most respected Indian temple towns. White water rafting is a very interesting and popular sport. People of any age can take part in this activity and enjoy the unique experience. The Kosi River in Corbett offers river rafting or white water rafting during monsoon season, when the park is officially closed for visitors. Corbett park offers the best experts and up-to-date equipment to help you guide through this high adrenaline rush activity.

Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing is the process when you go up with specialized climbing technique. It is very tough sport. But that makes it more special. No matter how risky it is you face the rock. You utilize every energy source in your body and put your fingers and toes to help find the way. When you are up there, you are going against gravity, use every muscle power to climb up. You need to find faith in ropes, in team mates and in yourself. Teamwork is very much required in rock climbing. There's no room for distraction, and full mind, body, soul concentration is needed. While visiting Jim Corbett you can challenge yourself with this very thrilling sport. Proper guidance and tool support are available here. Personal safety concern should be kept in mind.

The perfect opportunity to try rock climbing for the first time! Under the supervision of our guides, you will learn:
  • Rock climbing safety and risk management
  • Use and care of personal rock climbing equipment
  • Movement techniques
  • Rock climbing in Corbett



Rappelling is an organized climbing process used to descend from mountains and cliffs by a monitored slide downwards with the help of a fixed rope. When you want to descent there are normally two options, you can walk or climb down or you can rappel. When the terrain is too difficult rappelling is the more logical solution. The climbing rope is anchored to a cliff with artificial anchors like cams, pitons and bolts or natural anchors like trees and boulders. It is seen that the rope is wither doubled with the midpoint at the anchors or tied to another climbing rope. The climber then uses a rappel device which utilizes the friction of the rope through to minimize the climbing down as the slides down the fixed rope to a ledge or the cliff-base is performed. Jim Corbett Park provides a perfect opportunity to experience this unique activity. Let go of your inhibitions and climb a cliff to climb down like a free bird. Feel the lightness of yourself, be a motivated person.



The forests are full of riches. Living close to the land, and depending on it for sustenance, the Kumaoni villagers know how to tap the precious resources of this vanishing world.

The Nature Walk, which is on the agenda of all guests of ours, is a guided tour by naturalists, who unveil for you the wonders of the earth. You walk along the banks of the river Kosi, and along simple paths, and the healing herbs are there, all over!

A few examples: Mallotus Phllippensis or Rohini is a leafy herb found in the forest which is a delicacy in the diets of elephants! The leaves have a cooling quality and temper down male tuskers when they are in a mast condition. It is also useful as a hookworm remedy. The red powder is used as 'sindhoor' by women. Acacia catechu or katha is used in 'paan'. A little known fact is that it is good for halitosis or infection in the tongue and it is also anti-diarrhoeal. Acgle Marmelos or Bel is a hard shelled fruit which grows quite wild. Its beneficial properties for the digestive system have long been known. It is consumed in the form of jams, jellies and syrups for cooling the system. The leaves have religious value and are offered to Lord Shiva.

Embelica Officinalis or Amla is a tart fruit which is the richest source of vitamin C available in natural form. It has many medicinal uses, particularly for the stomach. The oil is good for the hair.

Moringa Oliefera or Sanjana - this tree is a real friend! The drumsticks are eaten as vegetables. Bacteria in its roots purify the water table. The extract helps in treating snake bites. Its leaves are boiled for hot therapies in injuries.

Bird Watching


The indian region with over 1250 of the world's 8650 species of birds, Is incredibly rich in birdlife. Due to the variety of habitats and climate, This number rises to over 2000 with sub species included.the indian avifauna Is largely oriental with a good mixture of palearctic elements. About 150 Of the species found in india are endemic to titude ranges from sea level to the high himalayas, rainfall from its Lowest in rajasthan desert conditions to its highest in cherapunji in the North east, one of the wettest places in the world. The climate in large Parts on india encourages plant growth hence insect activity increases, This provides ample stock and abundant sources for avian nourishment throughout The year.

Corbett national park is a birdwatcher's paradise. The park, with its rich Biogeographic diversity, is home to more than 600 species of birds - about Half of the total species found in the entire indian subcontinent! It is Considered one of the true bird parks of the world. Raptors are of infinite Variety and occasionally species of hawks and eagles appear. You can see Eagles, vultures, buzzards, parakeets, owls, orioles, drongos, thrushes, Babblers, bulbuls, cuckoos, doves, bee eaters, rollers, flycatchers, warblers, Robins, chats, finches, forktails, hornbills, kingfishers and many many More. The numerous water bodies provide an ideal habitat for ducks and Waders which are migratory. The park forms a natural crossroad and meeting Ground for avian species from high altitude areas, plains and eastern and Western regions. Because of this unique location, the bird population is Pretty high throughout the year, with winter visitors, summer visitors, Altitudinal migrants, passage migrants and local migrants. The park is An avid birdwatcher's destination.

The mangoli valley, nainital and pangot region in the kumaon are unmistakably The most remarkable areas for higher himalayan birds. Here is a sampler Of what you can see within a few hours.

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